How to Get Through Muscle Fever

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  1. karen says:

    great article thanks. I am 55 and went on a crazy jet ski ride 3 days ago. I am def. experiencing muscle fever and am in SO much pain.. I have not used my thigh muscles that intensly in quite awhile. feels like I did 100 deep knees.. so in a day or 2 I can do some half squats or something ? Screaming in pain on Long Island NY

  2. Wonderman says:

    Great article. Simple, to the point, helpful and clearly well-intentioned. 🙂

    Now, if I could just get up from this couch without (my muscles) screaming. 🙂

  3. VEGETA_DTX says:

    Since I know of myself till today’s day I absolutely never complained about muscle fever…I never some people hating muscle fever that much…

    I don’t know how their brain interprets that feeling but mine takes it like an actually very nice and relaxing feeling, which yes, kinda hurts a but, but it feels really nice, just like some massage performed by your own body.

    And I guess I can say I am physically pretty active and am VERY PRONE to overrunning, overplaying with football(soccer) and similar, I really always put a lot of effort in whichever sport I play.

    But then again I haven’t seen many people that are hating some other kinds of pain as much as me…I guess we’re all very different…

  4. Petra says:

    i am a very active person and give about 6 spinning a week personal training sessions and pilates! I took up a new sport on saturday call s.u.p and I have the worse case of muscle fever in all major muscles! Quads, gluts and hamstrings! It was so bad yesterday that I stayed in bed all day with body fever(not commen) and today Monday was unable to complete a spin class!!!! It hurts so much!!!!!!!

  5. meconium says:

    who writes this articles? To prevent muscle fever, drink a lemon, take an aspirin, and after take a hot bath (the aspirin has a slight blood thinning effect, the hot bath will make your blood circulate more which will not only feed the muscle tissue, it will also give it a large quantity of vitamin C from the lemon). Also, do some stretching and easy workout after, to increase blood flow to the affected muscles.

  6. Samy says:

    Ok thanks for letting me know! My biceps are killin me

  7. Liam says:

    Rather than DOMS being the result of simply over using a muscle, it is the result of any amount of eccentric exercise. Training while you are experiencing DOMS is 100% fine, there is no proof at all that the muscle would be permanently damaged. After all we don’t even know if it is the result of muscle damage or lactic acid build up, or any other theory that exists. Many bodybuilders aim for DOMS to confirm they have trained sufficiently, then repeat 2 days later.

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